• Get acquainted (Self-Introductions)
  • Set up Personal Learning Environment (PLE)
  • Initial Setup of Web 2.0 tools


This Unit will provide an overview of professional development programs. The focus of the models contained herein will be to expand teachers' knowledge, skill, and confidence in using technology in teaching and learning environments. The layout of the course follows the professional development strategies provided in the textbook, Transforming Classroom Practice. It is intended that district and school-wide administration, technology leaders, and technology committee members responsible for technology professional development activities will aim to design, implement, and assess using the information provided in the Unit.

Course materials are organized into six lessons. Each lesson is broken into four sections: Summary, Readings, Activities, and Assignment.

The use of Personal Learning Environments will be helpful in the successful completion of this course and overall management of Web 2.0 technologies for the promotion of authentic learning. Indeed, social media is integrated throughout this course to support Open Network Learning Environments (ONLEs) and Connectivism.


Required Readings


  • Join Wikispaces and access the course.

By clicking on the icon below, you will be directed to the PD in Educational Technology wiki. On the top right corner, please click on join. When joining, please make sure you use your real name as your username so that we can identify you.

  • Self-Introductions

Use Voicethread to introduce yourself. In your self-introduction, include the following:
  1. Your name
  2. Educational Background
  3. Where you live and what you do
  4. A picture or image of yourself
  5. Hobbies, etc.
  6. What you want to get out of this course

Create a Voicethread account by going to Add your self-introduction to the Voicethread located below. You need to sign in to add to the Voicethread.

  • Join a Team

You will be required to join a team. Many of the activities and assignments in this course are completed in groups including the final project, Professional Development Plan of Action Proposal. Each team should comprise of 3 members. Under Projects Tab, please sign up for a team. Make sure you exchange contact information. Using Google Docs, you will create a Team Governance(Credit: Dr. Tsu).


Points: 5

You will set up a Personal Learning Environment by obtaining the following Web 2.0 accounts:

  • Obtain an iGoogle account. iGoogle will serve as your PLE. Once you have finished obtaining the necessary accounts, you will be guided in adding tools/gagdets to your PLE.
Note: You will need a Google Account in order to access iGoogle and other Google features used throughout this Unit. To obtain a Google Account, click here: Google Account

  • Social Networking: Twitter

Sign Up for a Twitter Account
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Now, that you finishing activating the above accounts, log into your iGoogle account:

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