• Learn and discuss how to establish an organizational climate for successful professional development
  • Learn and discuss what constructivist learning environments are
  • Learn and discuss strategies to design and sustain constructivist learning environments


Aside for understanding theoretical frameworks and the need to align professional development to principles of adult learning, the organizational culture is fundamental to effective professional development. Establishing an organizational climate that fosters the culture of trust, collaboration, and professionalism lies on the shoulders of administration. For true reform to occur, administration must, therefore, take the necessary steps to establish such conditions. Without such conditions, professional developments, regardless if they are aligned to adult learning theories, will diminish in value.

Moreover, following considerations of establishing an organizational climate for successful professional development, careful attention needs to be placed on the delivery of professional development. In fact, ensuring the delivery of any professional development program is sustained and continuous is fundamental in the planning process of professional development. A framework for professional development based on constructivist-learning environment should guide educational leaders involved.


Required Readings: Chapter 3 and 4


Lesson 2 Discussions

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As team, you will create a Glogster to present how you plan to change the organizational climate of your site or you can choose to present strategies to design and sustain constructivist learning environments.